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PDF Editor Sample Page

1. Upload your Document

To start, upload a document in PDF, Word, JPG, or PNG.







2. Choose from 35+ tools

Use the tool panel to select a function and edit the document. When complete, create a signature and sign where applicable.





3. Request Signatures from Others

Place fields on the document for others to complete. Once signed by all parties, we will send an e-mail to notify you.






4. Save Your Files

Create a free account and receive:

  • Document storage (up to 1GB)
  • PDF editor (unlimited)
  • 3 eSign requests/month (unlimited self-signing)
  • eNotary ($25 per session)
  • Sync with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox


PDF Editor Tools

Adding Text (2 ways)

Fillable Forms

If the form is fillable, select a field and type:

Non-Fillable Forms

If the form is not fillable, select the text tool and place where you would like to add text:

Highlighting Text

Select the highlight tool and apply it to the text.

Erasing Text

Select the erase tool and place it over the text you wish to whiteout.

Adding an Image

Click the image tool button and upload the image from your device.

Adding a Text Box

Use the

Signing a PDF

Click the