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Furniture Bill of Sale Form

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A furniture bill of sale accompanies the sale of furniture or appliances to serve as confirmation that the items were exchanged and the buyer is now the rightful owner of the items. Whether it’s selling old furniture through a yard/garage sale or a private sale of handcrafted furniture, the form can be useful way of documenting the transaction. Up to three (3) individual items can be listed on the form, with space provided for entering the manufacturer, type, color, serial number (#), and cost ($) of each piece of furniture.


Guide to Selling Furniture Online

By selling unused furniture, one can simultaneously de-clutter and receive a little extra pocket money. Setting up online listings through various platforms is convenient, cheap, and helps the seller reach a large audience of interested buyers. However, don’t go into the process without a game plan; no one wants to see their listing sit their with little to no activity. The following tips can go a long way in augmenting the price and expediting a sale.

Step 1 – Determine What’s Worth Selling

Cheaper furniture that isn’t in great condition should be donated, given away, or thrown out. 9 times out of 10, the time spent preparing, listing, and shipping/selling the item will cost more than the piece is even worth. Just because the owner sees value in the furniture, doesn’t mean others will. And if they truly love it, it should be kept in storage. This is oftentimes the hardest part about getting rid of furniture, but taking the time to sift through what’s worth selling makes the process that much more rewarding.

Step 2 – Clean it Up

Any items that seem to be of some value and that might be worth selling should be dusted, cleaned, washed, and repaired (if need be). Items like rugs, drapes, and other things made of cloth-like materials may require specialty cleaning. Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t be happy to purchase yourself.

Step 3 – Take Good Photos

The better the quality of the listing photos, the faster the furniture will sell. This, along with the prices set for the items, is the most important factor. The items should be placed in neutral lighting with a clear background. Any damage, scuffs, tears, or other imperfections should be documented in close-up photos. Trying to hide them will only come back to bite the seller, as many platforms permit buyers to review the seller once the item is received. Even a few bad reviews can dry up the interest of prospective buyers (and rightfully so).

Step 4 – Create the Listing(s)

For large items, shipping them online is rarely worth the hassle and the increased cost of shipping the item itself. They should be listed at a site that offers in-person pick up only.

For in-person selling (not shipping):

For shipping items sold:

To set a reasonable price, look up the exact (or similar) pieces of furniture you are selling online. Look for items that have significant activity (such as bids). If you’re worried about losing money, set the price on the higher end. Be forewarned, however, that the higher the price, the longer it will take to sell.

Step 5 – Meet in Person / Ship it

The selling process will vary considerably depending on the platform used. Assuming the seller has found a reasonable buyer, they will either pay online or in person. Platforms that involve shipping will keep a record of all sales that take place through the platform, reducing the need for completing a bill of sale. However, with sites such as Craigslist, completing a bill of sale is very necessary. The seller should complete the form, as they have the ability of describing the furniture more accurately. They will need to know the name of the buyer, the date of the sale, the type, brand, color, serial number, and cost ($) of the furniture, the total amount being paid by the buyer, and the payment method. Once completed, both the seller and buyer will need to sign, print, and date the document. The original bill of sale will be provided to the buyer, and a copy can be kept by the seller, if desired.