Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated March 3rd, 2023

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A Kentucky boat bill of sale is used to prove that a boat was sold and that the buyer is the vessel’s new owner. The document has been formatted to indicate the sale date, the parties’ names, and the agreed-upon pricing terms. If the purchase includes an outboard motor or trailer, the cost of each item should be stated as well. Buyers should verify the boat’s description and manufacturing details as this information is needed when titling and registering the vessel with the Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing. Following the purchase, the certificate of title must be transferred to the new owner within fifteen (15) days.

Kentucky Boat Registration/Titling

All motorboats owned and operated in Kentucky must be titled and registered with the Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing. Within fifteen (15) days of the sale, the following steps must be taken to register and title the vessel:

  1. Complete an Application for Title/Registration (TC96-184). It must be signed by both parties and notarized.
  2. Visit a local County Clerk Office and submit the application along with the following items:
    • Original Kentucky title, or a Certificate of Registration if there is no title;
    • Picture ID;
    • Social Security number for each new owner, or a Federal ID Tax number if the buyer is an entity;
    • Bill of sale;
    • Payment for registration, certificate of title, and clerk’s fees (see Boat Registration Fees); and
    • In some cases, a pencil tracing or photo of the hull ID number may be needed.