Vermont General Warranty Deed Form

Last updated August 25th, 2022

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A Vermont general warranty deed is a document whereby a seller (the grantor) conveys their interest in real estate to a buyer (the grantee) with a “general” warranty of their ownership and the title’s quality. This “general” warranty essentially communicates that the grantor has the right to transfer the property and that there’s nothing clouding the title (e.g., liens, unpaid taxes, third-party claims). If an unforeseen title defect should come to light after the deed’s execution, the warranty ensures that the grantor will be legally and financially responsible for resolving it.

Unlike other deed types, a general warranty deed protects the grantee against defects made at any point in time, dating back to the property’s first owner. Once the deed is completed, signed by the grantor and a notary, and filed in the clerk’s office of the city/town/county where the property is located, the grantee will gain possession of the title.