Nevada Employment Contract Templates

Last updated December 21st, 2021

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A Nevada employment contract is used by companies and organizations to relay the employment terms and conditions by which a new employee agrees to abide. The document’s terms will include the employee’s position, duties, pay, and employment term. If the contract is “at-will,” the employment will have no predetermined termination date and can be canceled by either party as indicated in the contract.

Companies may also require employees to sign off on non-disclosure and non-compete clauses that prohibit them from sharing company information and working for competing businesses. Any employee benefits such as paid leave, sick days, vacation time, and ownership interest will need to be included in the contract as well.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – A contract between a freelance worker and an individual or company that hires them.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument


Subcontractor Agreement – Used by a general contractor or other authorized entity to hire a subcontractor.

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