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Alaska Subcontractor Agreement

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Updated on December 27th, 2021

An Alaska subcontractor agreement is a form that explains the duties and expectations of a hired subcontractor. Subcontractors are workers who are signed on temporarily by a general contractor (or another subcontractor) to perform specialized services on a large project. In construction, for example, a general contractor will oversee several subcontractors as they perform duties relating to plumbing, wiring, appliance installation, and more.

By completing the contract, both parties will understand the exact services to be provided and how the subcontractor will be paid for provisioning them. Proper execution of this document reduces the chances of conflict between the parties. That said, should conflict occur, the agreement includes a section dedicated to dispute resolution that provides the parties with a way of avoiding a lawsuit by engaging in binding arbitration, non-binding arbitration, or mediation.