Vermont Employment Contract Templates

Last updated January 18th, 2022

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A Vermont employment contract is a binding agreement that defines the terms of employment for a newly-hired employee. It relays essential details regarding the appointed position, including the job title, work responsibilities, contract length, probationary rules, payment, and termination procedures. Employers can also incorporate a “non-compete” clause that restricts the employee’s ability to work with competing businesses during their term of employment and for a limited period following termination.

Once signed, the employment contract will represent the entire agreement between the employer and employee. Any changes made thereafter, such as modifying the employee’s wage or commission rate, must be authorized by both parties in writing before going into effect officially.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – Defines a contractor’s service obligations and governs the working relationship with their client.

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Subcontractor Agreement – Used by a contractor to reassign, or “subcontract,” a portion of work obligations to a subcontractor.

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