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Colorado Notice to Quit | Lease Termination Letter (Form JDF-97)

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Updated on July 26th, 2021

A Colorado lease termination letter is a notice served on tenants by their landlord with the intention of nullifying an active rental agreement. This form informs the tenant that their lease will terminate after the number of days indicated and they must vacate the premises. The time period awarded to the tenant is dependant on the length of time they have occupied the property. Failure to vacate the premises within the notice period could result in an eviction suit being filed against the tenant.

Laws§ 13-40-107(p. 390)

Notice Periods:

  • Tenancy of One (1) Year or Longer: Ninety-One (91) Days
  • Tenancy of Six (6) Months to One (1) Year: Twenty-Eight (28) Days
  • Tenancy of One (1) Month to Six (6) Months: Seven (7) Days
  • Tenancy of One (1) Week to One (1) Month: Three (3) Days
  • Tenancy of Less Than One (1) Week: One (1) Day