Montana Notice to Quit | Unauthorized Pets/Persons, Property Damage, and Access Refusal

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Montana notice to quit for unauthorized pets/persons, property damage, and access refusal informs a tenant that they have committed a lease violation or refused access to the landlord. If the notice is for a lease infraction the tenant will be required to remedy the infraction or vacate in three (3) days. The tenant is entitled to three (3) days’ notice for infractions involving unauthorized pets, unauthorized individuals in the rental unit, property damage, or refusing legal access to the landlord.

Should the tenant fail to fix the infraction or move out within three (3) days after receiving the notice, the landlord may file a lawsuit to evict them from the rental unit. If the tenant refuses access to the landlord, their lease can be terminated with fourteen (14) days’ notice.

Laws – § 70-24-422(1)(b and c), 70-24-422(3), § 70-24-424