Nevada 5-Day Notice to Quit | Unlawful Detainer

Nevada 5-Day Notice to Quit | Unlawful Detainer

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Nevada five (5) day notice to quit for unlawful detainer is served on tenants who are illegally holding over their lease, providing them with five (5) days to leave the premises. When a tenant is served this form, it is because the term of their lease has expired, usually following a termination notice or notice to quit, and they have failed to comply by paying unpaid rent, curing lease violations, or moving out.

The notice informs the tenant that they have the right to contest the action by filing an “answer” with the court within five (5) judicial days (excludes the date of service, weekends, and legal holidays). If the tenant has not complied with or contested the notice within five (5) days, the court will issue an eviction order and a physical removal will be performed by a sheriff or constable within twenty-four (24) hours of the order’s issuance.

LawsNRS 40.254(1)(c)(1) and 40.280