Ohio 3-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance and Non-Payment

Ohio 3-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance and Non-Payment

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Ohio 3-day notice to quit, also known as a “notice to leave premises,” informs a tenant that they have broken the terms of their lease and that their landlord will terminate their lease in three (3) days (excluding holidays and weekends) if the violation is not cured. However, the landlord is not legally required to provide the tenant with the opportunity for recourse when serving a three (3) day notice.

The most common reason for this type of notice is that the tenant hasn’t paid their rent on time, in which case they may be able to avoid eviction by paying the amount that is due before the notice expires. For incurable lease violations, such as involvement with illegal drugs, menacing other tenants, or substantial damage to property, the tenant will usually have to move out if they wish to avoid legal action. If the recipient of a notice to quit does not comply within the given time frame, the landlord has the right to file an eviction lawsuit against them.

Laws – § 1923.02(A) and § 1923.04