Pennsylvania 15-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

Last updated October 6th, 2022

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The Pennsylvania 15-day notice to quit for non-compliance serves as a written warning to a tenant that has broken the terms of the lease. It 1) informs the tenant of the specific lease terms that have been broken, 2) it explains the violation, and 3) it demands that they remedy their non-compliance or move out of the property.

Under state law, the tenant will be given a different notice period depending on how long their lease is for. If the lease is for a term of a year or less, the tenant will be given fifteen (15) days to cure their violation or quit the property (Use the 30-day notice for leases that are longer than one (1) year). When the notice expires, the landlord may pursue legal action if the tenant has not fixed their non-compliance or moved out.

Laws§ 501(b)