Sign a PDF Online | 100% Free Digital Signature

Upload or import any PDF or Word file and send it to be electronically signed. All that is required is the signer’s name and e-mail. Place the fields for each recipient, and an e-mail confirmation will be sent once all parties have signed. If the sender creates a free account, they can track who has viewed and signed the document.

Step 1. Click the Upload button

Go to the homepage and click the Upload button.

Step 2. Upload a Document

Upload a PDFMS Word, or image file.

Step 3. Enter Signers

Enter the names and e-mails of all signers. If the sender is a signing, their name and e-mail must be entered.

Step 4. Place Fields

The sender can place the following fields in the document:

  • Signatures
  • Initials
  • Textboxes
  • Checkboxes
  • Dates; and
  • Strike-throughs.

Step 5. Send for Signature

Click the Send button and choose the notification settings for each recipient. The sender can also choose to disable signer notifications if selected.