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Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Forms

The lead-based paint disclosure form is a Federally mandated document required to be given to potential home buyers and tenants for residential homes built prior to 1978. The danger of lead-based paint occurs when the paint chips, in which the dust can be easily inhaled by humans, where it is especially dangerous to the younger population (e.g infants). While homes that do/could contain lead-based paint do not need to be re-painted, the individuals that live in it need to be aware of the risk in the event the paint starts to chip or crack.

LawsU.S. Code § 4852d

Table of Contents

Disclosure for Home BuyersDownload PDF

Those that are in the midst of selling a property that was built in 1978 or earlier are federally required to provide prospective homebuyers the disclosure. The form goes-over whether the seller knows of existing lead paint in the home, if they can provide the buyer with records relating to lead painting in the home, whether the buyer has received the lead pamphlet, and more.


Disclosure for RentersDownload PDF

A form that has to be given to prospective renters either individually or attached to the signed lease. For homes built prior to 1978 only. Has to be signed by the lessor (landlord), lessees (tenants), and their agent (if applicable).


EPA Pamphlet (Required)Download PDF

A pamphlet sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that informs renters and homebuyers on how lead enters the body, how it affects them, what can be done to protect against it, and where readers can get additional information regarding lead. The brochure has to be given in addition to one (1) of the disclosure forms above.