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Letter of Intent for School Position (non-teacher)

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Updated on March 21st, 2023

A letter of intent for a school position is a document written by an individual seeking a non-teaching job at a school. This includes employment as a school librarian, secretary, counselor, and instructional assistant. The letter outlines the individual’s education, work experience, and expertise, as well as how they intend to contribute to the school’s mission. It allows applicants to formally introduce themselves to a potential employer and create an opportunity for an in-person interview.


How to Write

A letter of intent for a school position allows individuals to communicate why they are well-suited for employment at the school. The letter should be structured in a clear order that is easy to follow.

  • Introduction. The letter should begin with a short introduction of the applicant and their line of work. They may also include a short thank you to the reader for taking the time to sit down with their application.
  • Main body. The prospective employee should provide an overview of their work experience, education, skills, as well as the aspects of their character that make them an ideal candidate. The main paragraph should indicate how the applicant will support the school’s values and objectives.
  • Closing paragraph. The letter should conclude with a statement of the applicant’s enthusiasm and gratitude to the reader. They may also restate how they intend to contribute to the school and hope to discuss their application in person soon.


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My name is [NAME], and I am writing to state my interest in employment at [SCHOOL]. I am an experienced and qualified [PROFESSION], and I am confident that I am a well-suited candidate for this position at your school. 

I received my [DEGREE] in [SUBJECT] at [INSTITUTION] in [YEAR], and I have worked in various institutions across [STATE] as a full-time [PROFESSION] for [#] years. During this time, I also obtained my certification in [AREA] from [INSTITUTION]. I believe that my proficiency in [SKILLS], combined with my [QUALITIES], will be a beneficial addition to [SCHOOL]. I aim to contribute to the school’s mission of [MISSION] to ensure [OBJECTIVE].

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to hearing from you and meeting to discuss my CV in more detail.



Signature: ___________________

When to Use

A letter of intent may be used at any time and does not need to be in response to a job listing. While there may not be an opening for the position that the applicant is looking for at that moment, the letter provides the school with a prospective candidate to contact when a place becomes available later on.

A letter of intent for a school position can be used for any job in a school that does not involve teaching, including:

  • Librarian
  • Secretary
  • Custodian
  • Bus driver
  • Counsellor
  • Instructional aide
  • Food service staff
  • Athletic coach
  • School administration