Alaska Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Alaska Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 28th, 2021

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An Alaska minor (child) power of attorney provides parents and guardians with the power to delegate parental responsibilities to a trusted representative (“attorney-in-fact”) of their choosing. The attorney-in-fact is usually someone that the parents know to be trustworthy and capable of providing the child(ren) with quality care and attention.

Alaska law does not allow a minor power of attorney to remain in effect for a period exceeding one (1) year. However, this does not apply to military parents in active duty; if they are on active duty for more than a year, this length of time plus thirty (30) days is considered to be the maximum term of the minor power of attorney. A parent/guardian can terminate the document at any time by completing a Power of Attorney Revocation Form and sending it via certified mail to the attorney-in-fact.

Laws § 13.26.066

Agent’s Duties § 13.26.610

Signing Requirements (§ 13.26.600) – Notary Public

Expiration (§ 13.26.066(c)) – One (1) Year (With the exception of military active duty.)