Arkansas Living Will Form

Arkansas Living Will Form

Last updated March 13th, 2020

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An Arkansas living will form outlines a person’s health care wishes at the end of their life. It allows a person to select their treatment options in the event of incapacitation with no curable solution, such as, withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatments. This usually comes in the form of assisted breathing machines, hydration, and feeding. This lets medical or hospital staff know that the person would like to die a natural death. This form is often completed in addition to a Medical Power of Attorney that allows someone to select an agent to make health care decisions on their behalf.

Laws§ 20-6-116

Signing Requirements (§ 20-6-103(c)(1)) – Two (2) Witnesses or a Notary Public.

Statutory Form§ 20-17-202 (Sample 1) (Sample 2)

State Definition

“Living will” means a written advance directive describing the principal’s individual instructions for health care to be provided or withheld in the event that the principal subsequently lacks decision-making capacity.