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Arizona General Power of Attorney Form

The Arizona general power of attorney is a non-durable power of attorney document that enables a principal to grant general powers to their agent, or “attorney-in-fact.” This power of attorney form is provided by the Superior Court of Arizona. In order to ensure the power of attorney is non-durable, the principal must select the appropriate checkbox (“General Regular Power of Attorney”) at the top of the first page of the three-page power of attorney form. A general power of attorney has a start date as well as a termination date, as established by the principal in the document. If the principal is unable to make decisions for themselves, the power of attorney automatically revokes and the agent surrenders their authority to act on the principal’s behalf.

Durable Power of Attorney – This type of power of attorney form grants the principal’s agent the power to act on their behalf, and they maintain this power even if the principal becomes incapacitated.