Arizona Limited Power of Attorney Form

Arizona Limited Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 27th, 2021

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An Arizona limited power of attorney authorizes an agent to represent a principal and control certain elements of their personal, financial, and business affairs. A limited power of attorney, also known as a special power of attorney, differs from others in that it does not grant broad powers but instead restricts the agent’s authority to specific transactions. This authorization is useful when the principal is physically absent and unable to perform tasks on their own.

A limited power of attorney terminates automatically when the agent’s duties are complete or on a designated expiration date. This power of attorney can be made durable by choosing the appropriate option in the form. If it is durable, it will remain in effect if the principal becomes disabled, incapacitated, or dies.

Signing Requirements (§ 14-5501) – One (1) Witness and Notary Public