Colorado Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Colorado Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated August 18th, 2022

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Colorado minor (child) power of attorney is used for the parent or guardian of a minor or incapacitated individual to temporarily delegate responsibilities regarding care, custody, education, recreation, and property to a trusted attorney-in-fact. While the attorney-in-fact will have fairly broad authority to act in the parent/guardian’s place, they will not have the power to consent to adoption or to the marriage of the incapacitated person or minor. Once executed, this power of attorney may be valid for a maximum period of twelve (12) months. This document may be revoked in writing at any time by the parent or guardian.

Laws § 15-14-105

Signing Requirements (§ 15-14-705) – Notary Public

Expiration (§ 15-14-105) – Twelve (12) Months