Colorado Tax Power of Attorney (Form DR 0145)

Colorado Tax Power of Attorney (Form DR 0145)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Colorado tax power of attorney (Form DR 0145) is used by a taxpayer to appoint another person to act on their behalf and represent them before the Colorado Department of Revenue. The document authorizes the appointed representative(s) to perform nearly all tax-related activities that the taxpayer might do themselves, such as executing and filing tax returns, inspecting confidential information, and negotiating tax deficiencies. What the representative(s) can’t do, however, is accept the taxpayer’s refund payments and add or substitute other representatives.

This power of attorney remains in effect for four (4) years once signed unless an alternate date is designated in the document (maximum period of ten (10) years). Once filled out and signed, the completed document must be submitted either online or by mail to the following address:

PO Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

Signing Requirements – Taxpayer

Statutes § 15-14-739