Delaware Advance Directive Form

Last updated September 29th, 2021

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The Delaware advance directive form gives individuals the ability to name a health care agent and provide instructions on the types of medical treatments that they consent to or prohibit should they become incapacitated. By completing this form, individuals can ensure that their health care preferences will be adhered to and that they will be represented by a trusted agent if they lose their physical or mental capacity. Once completed, the form should be given to the principal’s physician and entered into their medical file.

Agent’s Duties§ 2503(f)

LawsTitle 16, Chapter 25 (Health Care Decisions)

Signing Requirements (§ 2503(b)(1)d) – Two (2) Witnesses

Statutory Form§ 2505

State Definition

Statute – § 2501(a)

“Advance health-care directive” shall mean an individual instruction or a power of attorney for health care, or both.