Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV-386)

Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV-386)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Delaware motor vehicle power of attorney (Form MV-386) grants an appointed individual (the “attorney-in-fact”) authority to conduct motor vehicle business on another’s behalf (the “owner”). The Form MV-386 can only be used for matters related to a single vehicle only. Tasks such as transferring the title or registering the vehicle can be carried out by the attorney-in-fact without the owner’s presence.

By signing the power of attorney, the owner agrees not to hold the State of Delaware or the public officials at the DMV liable for the tasks carried out on their motor vehicle by the attorney-in-fact. The signatures require acknowledgment from a notary public, at which point the document can be deemed functional.

Signing Requirements – Notary Public