Iowa Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Iowa Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated August 18th, 2022

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An Iowa minor (child) power of attorney is used when a child’s parent or guardian will be absent for an extended period of time and needs to delegate an agent to care for the child in their stead. An alternate agent may also be selected should the primary agent be unavailable to care for the minor. With this power of attorney, the chosen agent will be granted temporary parental powers and will be responsible for providing the child with shelter, education, and arranging for medical care when needed.

The parent/guardian must grant special authorization in the form if they wish the agent to receive the minor’s medical information regarding substance abuse, mental health, or HIV tests. This power of attorney can be revoked at any time by the parent/guardian via written notice delivered to the agent.

Laws – § 633B.213(1)(a)

Signing Requirements (§ 633B.105) – Notary Public