Iowa Tax Power of Attorney (Form IA 2848)

Iowa Tax Power of Attorney (Form IA 2848)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Iowa Tax Power of Attorney (Form IA 2848) is required by the Iowa Department of Revenue if a taxpayer wishes for a representative to receive confidential tax information and perform tasks on their behalf. The form allows for up to two (2) representatives of the taxpayer’s choosing. The representative(s) is/are authorized to receive confidential tax information, sign documents on the taxpayer’s behalf, and represent them in proceedings before the Department.

The taxpayer must indicate on the form which tax type(s) and the corresponding tax year(s) or periods that the representatives are authorized to manage. To cancel a power of attorney, the taxpayer may file a statement of revocation, or the representative may withdraw themselves by signing and submitting their statement to the Department.

Signing Requirements -Taxpayer(s)

Statue§ 421.59