Indiana Durable Power of Attorney Form

Indiana Durable Power of Attorney Form

Last updated September 17th, 2022

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An Indiana durable power of attorney can be executed by an individual for the purposes of appointing a trustworthy agent to handle their financial affairs. This type of power of attorney document can be used to transfer all financial powers to an agent or to assign specific tasks they wish their agent to handle. The term “durable” refers to the continuation of the form’s validity throughout the principal’s life, even if they become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.

Agent’s Duties§ 30-5-6

LawsTitle 30, Article 5 (Powers of Attorney)

Signing Requirements (§ 30-5-4-1(4)) – Notary Public or Two (2) Witnesses

Statutory Form – No statutory short form mentioned in state statutes. However, a durable power of attorney must satisfy the conditions mentioned in § 30-5-4-1, and powers stated in § 30-5-5 (2 – 19) can be incorporated into a power of attorney document.