Kansas General Power of Attorney Form

Kansas General Power of Attorney Form

Last updated September 30th, 2022

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Kansas general power of attorney is a legal document that grants an individual the authority to make financial decisions for the person who drafted the form. The recipient of authority (the “agent”) is given permission through the power of attorney to handle a broad range of transactions for the person they represent (the “principal”).

The agent’s responsibilities can range from small tasks such as depositing checks to more important duties like buying real estate or filing lawsuits on the principal’s behalf. Regardless of the powers granted to the agent, their authority will terminate if the principal becomes incapacitated or dies. As with all other financial power of attorney forms in Kansas, this document requires notarization of the principal’s signature.

Laws – Chapter 58, Article 6 (650-665) (Kansas Power of Attorney Act)

Signing Requirements (§ 58-652(a)(3)) – Notary Public

Durable Power of Attorney – This power of attorney grants broad financial powers that remain in effect throughout the principal’s incapacitation.