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Louisiana Motor Vehicle (OMV) Power of Attorney

The Louisiana Motor Vehicle (OMV) Power of Attorney is used to nominate an agent to handle transactions and duties pertaining to a motor vehicle on behalf of the vehicle’s owner. The agent may use this document to complete duties such as selling the vehicle, transferring its title, licensing, and registration. The vehicle owner (also known as the “principal”) will need to provide their social security number, their date of birth, and the vehicle’s details. Once executed, the power of attorney can be canceled at any time via the principal’s written revocation.

Signing requirements – Notary Public acknowledgment is recommended.

Form DPSMV-4253 (Secure Power of Attorney) – To be used only by licensed dealers or those acting on their behalf when the vehicle’s title has been lost or is in the possession of a lienholder. This form also allows individuals acting on behalf of the same company to sign as both seller and buyer.