Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 4054)

Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 4054)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Missouri motor vehicle power of attorney form (Form 4054) is used to assign vehicle-related authority to a representative (the “attorney-in-fact”) to act on behalf of the vehicle’s owner. Through this document, a representative may be appointed to transfer ownership, register, and title a motor vehicle. The vehicle’s year, make, and identification number must be provided. Registration and titling are processed by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). In the event of the total loss of an insured vehicle (due to a collision or other accident), a power of attorney may be required to allow the owner’s insurance company to take possession of and sell the totaled machine.

Signing Requirements – Notary Public

Related Forms

Missouri Secure Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form-5086) -If the vehicle’s certificate of title won’t be available on the date of sale, this form must be used if the vehicle owner/buyer wishes to appoint a representative. This allows the vehicle to be transferred while a duplicate title request is being processed.