North Dakota Advance Directive Form

North Dakota Advance Directive Form

Last updated September 29th, 2021

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North Dakota advance directive allows a principal to both define their choices for end-of-life health care and designate an agent to make medical decisions on their behalf. The information presented in this document will assist health care providers when deciding whether to administer or withhold medical treatments that could prolong the principal’s life. Such procedures may include blood transfusions, defibrillation, artificial nutrition, and the installation of mechanical breathing devices.

Agent’s Duties§ 23-06.5-09

Laws Chapter 23-06.5 (Health Care Directives)

Signing Requirements (§ 23-06.5-05(2)) – Two (2) Witnesses or Notary Public

Statutory Form § 23-06.5-17

State Definition

Statute§ 23-06.5-02

“Health care directive” means a written instrument that complies with this chapter and includes one or more health care instructions, a power of attorney for health care, or both.