Nebraska Living Will Form

Nebraska Living Will Form

Last updated October 27th, 2021

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A Nebraska living will is a document that is referred to in-state as a “declaration” and is used to inform the attending physicians and nurses whether they should withdraw or withhold medical treatment when the patient is at the end of their life. It can also make the decision-making process easier for the attorney-in-fact (selected through a medical power of attorney) when they are faced with the patient in a vegetative state with no hope of recovering. Once drafted, it should be made part of the individual’s medical record to be referenced if needed at a future date.

Laws§ 20-404

Signing Requirements (§ 20-404(1)) – Two (2) Witnesses or Notary Public

Statutory Form – § 20-404(2)

State Definition

Statute§ 20-403(3)

(3) Declaration shall mean a writing executed in accordance with the requirements of subsection (1) of section 20-404