New Hampshire Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

New Hampshire Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

Last updated October 28th, 2021

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New Hampshire minor (child) power of attorney authorizes an attorney-in-fact to make decisions for a minor on behalf of their parent or guardian. A parent or guardian may need to execute a power of attorney if they face circumstances that prevent them from effectively meeting their parental duties, whether due to hospitalization, natural disaster, military deployment, or other hardships.

During the parent or guardian’s absence, the attorney-in-fact can serve in their same capacity and provide the necessary care as per the instructions detailed in the form. Any individual of the parent or guardian’s choosing may be appointed as attorney-in-fact, although it is strongly recommended to designate someone trustworthy such as a relative or a close family friend.

Signing Requirements (§ 564-E:105) – Notary Public