New Jersey Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated August 18th, 2022

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A New Jersey minor (child) power of attorney form is an instrument for parents or guardians to delegate their parental authority to a temporary caregiver (the “attorney-in-fact”). The attorney-in-fact is the primary caretaker of the minor(s) identified in the form and is entrusted to carry out all parental duties and responsibilities to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the minor(s). Additionally, the parents or guardians may use the form to authorize the attorney-in-fact to further powers such as handling education, health care, and financial/legal decisions.

The powers granted by a New Jersey minor (child) power of attorney form are limited to a six (6) month period or to a shorter period indicated on the form. Otherwise, the form may be modified or revoked by either parent or guardian at any time.

Laws§ 3B.12.67 to 3B.12.73

Agent’s Duties § 3B.12.52

Signing Requirements – Two (2) Witnesses

Expiration (§ 3B:12-39) – Six (6) Months