Nevada General Power of Attorney Form

Nevada General Power of Attorney Form

Last updated September 30th, 2022

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A Nevada general power of attorney gives someone (the “principal”) the ability to grant legal permission to another adult (the “agent”) to handle financial affairs on their behalf. If the principal wishes the power of attorney to be non-durable, they must leave the  “durable” fields blank and must explicitly state in the special instructions that the authority will terminate on the principal’s incapacitation. It must be acknowledged before a notary public and will become effective immediately when notarized unless otherwise stated in the special instructions area. The principal may revoke the power of attorney by notifying the agent in writing at any time.

Laws – Title 13, Chapter 162A §§ 200 – 400 (Power of Attorney – Uniform Act)

Signing Requirements (NRS 162A.220(1)) – Notary Public

Durable Power of Attorney – This document enables an agent to continue to represent the principal despite their incapacitation.