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New York Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

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New York minor (child) power of attorney form allows a designated person to temporarily handle a parent or guardian’s parental duties regarding one (1) or more children or an incapacitated person. Once the designated person is appointed, they are primarily responsible for the duties and caretaking a parent or guardian would normally provide their child. Additionally, the form may grant the designated person a range of authorities regarding the care of the child(ren) or incapacitated person(s), including their education, health care, and medical treatment (in accordance with Section 2504 of the Public Health Law).

A designated person may act in place of the parent or guardian for a maximum of twelve (12) months after the signing date. It should be noted that a New York minor (child) power of attorney form is revoked upon the death or incapacity of the parent or guardian who signed the designation.

Laws § GOB 5-1551

Agent’s Duties § GOB 5-1555

Signing Requirements (§ GOB 5-1552) – Notary Public and Two (2) Witnesses

Expiration (§ GOB 5-1552) – One (1) Year