Oklahoma Advance Directive Form

Oklahoma Advance Directive Form

Last updated February 3rd, 2023

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An Oklahoma advance directive is a document that allows an individual (“principal”) to appoint a health care proxy (also referred to as an “agent”) as well as state their wishes regarding life-sustaining treatments once they lose their ability to communicate to health care professionals. Having this document present in medical emergencies ensures that the principal’s end-of-life preferences are adhered to by the attending physician. The agent named in the advance directive will be authorized to make health care decisions for the principal if they are incapacitated. A health care agent is usually a trusted family member or friend that knows the principal well and understands their values, goals, and wishes.

Laws Title 63, Chapter 60 (Oklahoma Advance Directive Act)

Signing Requirements (60 O.S. § 3101.4(A)) – Two (2) Witnesses

Statutory Form 60 O.S. § 3101.4(C)

State Definition

Statute60 O.S. § 3101.3(1)

“Advance directive for health care” means any writing executed in accordance with the requirements of Section 3101.4 of this title and may include a living will, the appointment of a health care proxy, or both such living will and appointment of a proxy.


Laws 60 O.S. § 3102.1

Although Oklahoma does not provide an official registration system, an advance directive may be filed with any organization that complies with the statutory registration requirements. The following advance directive registry links are provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health website; however, they hold themselves harmless from any liability incurred in using these services as they are not governed by the Department of Health: