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South Carolina Advance Directive Form

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Updated on September 29th, 2021

The South Carolina advance directive is used to appoint a health care agent and establish the types of medical treatments the principal will receive if they are incapacitated or terminally ill. An advance directive document contains a living will, known as a “Declaration of a Desire for a Natural Death,” and a medical power of attorney.

By completing a living will, individuals can describe the end-of-life scenarios in which they’d prefer to receive or decline life-prolonging measures and treatments to relieve pain. Using the medical power of attorney, a health care agent may be selected to communicate the patient’s medical choices once they’ve lost their mental capacity. A health care agent should be a trusted individual who is close to the principal and will make medical decisions based off their values and wishes.

Agent’s Duties § 62-5-509

Laws Title 62, Article 5, Part 5 (South Carolina Statutory Health Care Power of Attorney Act) & Title 44, Chapter 77 (Death With Dignity Act)

Signing Requirements:

Statutory Form § 62-5-504 & § 44-77-50

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