South Dakota Living Will Form

South Dakota Living Will Form

Last updated October 27th, 2021

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A South Dakota living will is a form that helps people plan for the unfortunate occurrence of a health issue that causes a person to be incapacitated to the point where they are unable to make decisions for themselves. This document will convey a person’s wishes regarding end-of-life medication, treatments, and other life-sustaining measures should they contract an incurable illness. Medical professionals are legally bound to obey the living will, even if family members protest. This document can be revoked at any time but only by the principal (person who has executed the living will).

Laws§ 34-12D

Signing Requirements (§ 34-12D-2) – Two (2) Witnesses and a Notary Public

Statutory Form – § 34-12D-3

State Definition

Statute§ 34-12D-1(2)

“Declaration,” a writing executed in accordance with the requirements of § 34-12D-2.