Texas Living Will Form

Texas Living Will Form

Last updated October 27th, 2021

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A Texas living will, also referred to as a Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates or simply a “directive,” is a medical form that will instruct health care professionals on what types of treatments a person does and does not want to receive if they are in critical condition. This document only goes into effect if the principal (person who executes the directive) is incapacitated and unable to communicate their wishes to their physician or other medical staff. A living will can be used in conjunction with a Medical Power of Attorney.

Laws§ 166.031 – 166.053

Signing Requirements (§ 166.032) – Two (2) Witnesses or a Notary Public

Statutory Form§ 166.033

State Definition

Statute§ 166.031(1)

“Directive” means an instruction made under Section 166.032, 166.034, or 166.035 to administer, withhold, or withdraw life-sustaining treatment in the event of a terminal or irreversible condition.