Texas Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Texas Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 28th, 2021

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Texas minor (child) power of attorney (referred to as an “authorization agreement” in Texas state) temporarily places a child under the care of an adult caregiver in lieu of the parent or guardian. The named caregiver can be an individual of the parent or guardian’s choosing or a voluntary caregiver assigned under a Parental Child Safety Placement (a relocation of the child instructed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services). The chosen individual is authorized to consent for the child’s health care (e.g., medical, dental, psychological, surgical, etc.), school enrollment, extracurricular activities, learner’s permit and driving license matters, and employment.

Should the parent or guardian end the agreement or request possession of the child from the caretaker, the caretaker must oblige immediately or face criminal consequences. A Texas minor (child) power of attorney has a term of six (6) months which is renewed automatically for another six (6) months in accordance with Sec. 34.0075 of the Texas Family Code.

Laws TX Fam Code Ch. 34

Agent’s Duties Sec 34.005

Signing Requirements (Sec. 34.004) – Notary Public

Expiration (Sec. 34.0075) – Six (6) Months