Washington Advance Directive Form

Washington Advance Directive Form

Last updated September 29th, 2021

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A Washington advance directive is a health care document that combines a medical power of attorney and a health care directive. Executing this document will mean that the principal has appointed a health care agent to make decisions on their behalf and has stated their wishes to medical staff regarding end-of-life treatments. An agent should be a trusted individual, preferably a spouse, family member, or close friend. The right to make health care decisions for the principal will only be transferred to an appointed agent when the principal loses the capacity to make these important choices for themselves.

LawsChapter 70.122

Signing Requirements (§ 70.122.030) – Notary Public or Two (2) Witnesses

Statutory Form§ 70.122.030

State Definition

Statute§ 70.122.020(3)

“Directive” means a written document voluntarily executed by the declarer generally consistent with the guidelines of RCW 70.122.030.


The state of Washington has recently eliminated the Department of Health Living Will Registry (source: Washington Department of Health). Individuals who have already registered (before June 30th, 2011) with the Department can access their forms through the U.S. Living Will Registry.