Washington Tax Power of Attorney Form

Washington Tax Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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A Washington tax power of attorney authorizes an attorney-in-fact to represent and perform duties on behalf of a taxpayer with regard to any tax matters with the Department of Revenue. While the Department of Revenue does not offer residents a state-specific tax power of attorney, IRS Form 2848 can be used for the same purposes. It allows the taxpayer to appoint a representative that can receive and review confidential information on their behalf, as well as perform actions and correspond with the Department of Revenue as if they were the taxpayer.

The taxpayer must specify which tax matters and which corresponding years/periods the representative is authorized to handle. Form 2848 may be used by individuals, corporations, LLCs, or other taxpayers that have dealings with the Department of Revenue.

Signing Requirements – Taxpayer and Representative(s)

Statute – § 11.125.380