Washington Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form TD-420-050)

Last updated January 19th, 2022

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The Washington motor vehicle power of attorney (Form TD-420-050) authorizes an agent, or “attorney-in-fact,” to perform motor vehicle transactions on behalf of a principal (the owner). The agent is responsible for handling any act relating to the title, registration, and sale of the principal’s motor vehicle or boat. The form requires the vehicle/boat’s manufacturing information (make, model, year) and the principal’s contact details and driver’s license or ID card number.

When a motor vehicle power of attorney is used to transfer ownership of a vehicle/boat with a lien on its title, the document must also include the lienholder’s name, business title, and signature. If the lienholder is an individual and not a business, the lienholder’s signature must either be notarized or inscribed in the presence of a Washington vehicle licensing agent.

Signing Requirements – Notary Public