Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222)

Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Wisconsin tax power of attorney (Form A-222) is issued by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to give taxpayers the ability to appoint a representative to handle certain tax matters on their behalf. In addition to appointing a representative, Form A-222 can be used to terminate a representative’s authority by revoking a current tax power of attorney document.

When granting powers to a representative, the taxpayer is able to give them full authority to perform any act the taxpayer themselves would be able to perform, and to represent them before the Department of Revenue with regard to any tax matter. Alternatively, limited authority may be granted, and the taxpayer will check the appropriate boxes in part 3 of page 2 of the power of attorney to select specific authorities and tax periods they want their representative to handle.

Signing Requirements – Taxpayer