Arizona Property Management Agreement

Arizona Property Management Agreement

Last updated May 9th, 2023

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An Arizona property management agreement is a contract between a property owner (landlord) and a manager hired to maintain the premises. The manager is compensated based on the terms negotiated by both parties, which often includes a percentage of the total rent collected. The contract will describe the types of responsibilities, the owner’s obligations, the length of the agreement, and the termination options.


License Required? Yes, a property manager must have a real estate broker license with the following exceptions (A.R.S § 32-2101(50)):

  • Homeowners Association – A manager does not have to be licensed if they are working on behalf of a homeowners association and do not participate in sales or leasing for the property owners (Arizona Dept. of Real Estate).
  • On-site Managers – A manager does not have to be licensed if they work at one location during their regular workday and are not paid any additional compensation for the leasing of property (A.R.S § 32-2121(6)).
  • Short-Term Rentals – A manager does not have to be licensed for rentals of 31 days or less (Arizona Dept. of Real Estate).

Agreement Requirements – A property management agreement must include the following information (A.R.S. 32-2174(B), A.R.S. 32-2173(A)(1)):

  • Services, obligations, duties, and responsibilities of the manager
  • Specific start and end date
  • Cancellation clause
  • How money from the property will be collected and distributed
  • Type and frequency of status reports
  • Amount and purpose of reserve funds
  • Disposition and allocation of interest earned in the trust
  • The terms and conditions for compensation

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