Connecticut Property Management Agreement

Connecticut Property Management Agreement

Last updated May 27th, 2023

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A Connecticut property management agreement allows a property owner to hire an individual or company to manage their property on their behalf. The document should specify what tasks and authority the manager will have, how much they will be paid, and how long the contract will last. In addition to collecting rent, handling security deposits, and finding new tenants, property managers will frequently be needed to handle maintenance requests and ensure the rental unit complies with local laws.


License Required? Yes. Any person engaged in the collection of rent or leasing a property must have a real estate broker’s license (§ 20-311(8), § 20-312).

Exceptions – The licensing requirements do not apply if the owner is managing their own property or if the hired individual is a regular employee hired as an on-site superintendent by the owner (§ 20-329).

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