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Mississippi Commercial Lease Agreement

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Updated on August 24th, 2022

A Mississippi commercial lease agreement is used by a landlord and tenant to convey the terms and conditions of a rental arrangement involving commercial real estate. All provisions of this written document should be negotiated by the parties to ensure they are mutually agreeable and beneficial.

Due to the complex nature of commercial lease agreements, the potential tenant would be wise to hire an attorney to look over the agreement, as well as an inspector to verify the suitability of the premises for the type of business the tenant is conducting. If the landlord is satisfied with the business owner’s eligibility as a tenant and the parties understand and agree to all terms and conditions, the agreement can be signed, binding all individuals to the provisions therein.

Lease Application – This document can be used by landlords to ensure they rent their commercial property to an acceptable business owner.

Laws Title 75, Chapter 2A