Nebraska Commercial Lease Agreement

Last updated July 17th, 2021

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A Nebraska commercial lease agreement legally binds a landlord and tenant together with respect to the renting of commercial property. Before a lease is presented to the potential tenant, the landlord may use a commercial lease application form to determine their eligibility. Once they have decided they are suitable for renting, the landlord and tenant will discuss all the provisions of the agreement until the terms and conditions are understood and accepted by all parties. The tenant will also be given the opportunity to inspect the property to ascertain whether or not the premises are well-suited to their business needs. Once the lease agreement is signed, the parties are bound to it by law.

Lease Application – Used by landlords renting commercial property to business owners to obtain their personal information, business information, rental history, credit history, and background checks. This information will enable the landlord to determine their fitness as a tenant.