Equipment Bill of Sale Form

Equipment Bill of Sale Form

Last updated April 29th, 2022

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An equipment bill of sale is a type of purchase receipt that provides a buyer with proof that they acquired equipment legally. The form can be completed by either party as long as the information written is accurate. The completion of the bill of sale comes after payment has been received by the seller, whether it’s in the form of a credit/debit charge, cash, or a certified check.


What is an Equipment Bill of Sale?

An equipment bill of sale is a form that can be used for selling basically any type of personal property used for a specific purpose. Traditionally, equipment is defined as heavy-duty tools and machinery used for excavating, transporting, lifting, crushing, and manipulating objects or land. However, anything that can be used to accomplish a task or further a goal can be categorized as equipment, such as football gear, scuba-diving apparatus’, garage tools, medical instruments, etc. The form consists of only one (1) page and provides fields for the names of the buyer and seller, a description of the equipment, payment details, and the signatures of all parties involved.

Where to Sell Equipment

Large, expensive equipment is often sold in person, although all equipment can be advertised and shipped using an online sale/exchange network. Even if it is easier to sell and ship online, in-person communication and exchanges are usually beneficial for both parties. Regardless of the type of equipment being sold, the seller will find that creating an online listing is advantageous and profitable. Those looking to sell equipment can use the following services (some for free, some paid) to advertise their equipment:

  • EquipmentTrader – For heavy-duty construction-type machinery and tools. Listings start at $24.95.
  • MachineryTrader – For selling construction machinery and other heavy-duty equipment. The first listing is free.
  • Facebook Marketplace / Groups – Finding groups dedicated to heavy machinery sales can be a great way of advertising to a specific niche of buyers. If the equipment is smaller, listing on the marketplace can provide the seller with significant exposure.
  • Craigslist – Like a trustworthy piece of equipment, Craigslist is a solid choice for listing used or new machinery for sale. Just be prepared to sift through lowball offers and other spam-like emails on your way to finding an interested buyer.


Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument

How to Write

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument

Step 1 – Buyer & Seller Names

Enter the full monetary amount the buyer paid to the seller for the listed equipment. Then, write the seller’s full name, followed by their mailing or business address. Repeat for the buyer in the next two (2) fields.

Step 2 – Equipment Information

There are six (6) fields that can be used for providing a full breakdown of the equipment being sold.

Step 3 – Payment

In the first field, enter the amount ($) the seller is paying the buyer. This should be the same amount that was entered on the first line of the form. Then, check the box that corresponds to the buyer’s payment method. If none of the options apply, check “Other” and provide the type of payment method used.

Step 4 – Signatures

In the paragraph above the signature fields, enter the day, month, and year in which the transaction is being finalized. This can be the same date in which the parties sign the document. Then, both the seller and buyer must print and sign their names, as well as provide the date (mm/dd/yyyy) in which they recorded their signatures onto the form. If desired, the parties can have their signatures witnessed by up to two (2) witnesses. If this step is taken, both witnesses must sign, print, and date the form.