Hawaii Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Hawaii Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Last updated March 9th, 2022

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Hawaii firearm bill of sale is a document that reports the transfer of firearm ownership between a buyer and a seller. The form states the sale date and identifies the monetary value or other compensation received for the weapon(s) exchanged. Sellers should be aware that they must examine the buyer’s permit to verify their identity and eligibility to possess such a firearm. If the buyer has the requisite permit, the seller must sign it in ink and deliver it to the police department within forty-eight (48) hours of the sale. Furthermore, within forty-eight (48) hours of the sale of a rifle or shotgun, the seller must complete a Long Gun Sale Transfer Form and send it to their county police department.

Concealed Carry Laws

Statute§ 134-9

A license to carry a concealed weapon will only be issued in dire circumstances in which an individual’s life or property is in danger. To obtain a license, the applicant must visit their local police department and demonstrate the following:

  • They are permitted to own a firearm and qualified to operate it safely;
  • Their situation warrants the need for a license to carry;
  • They are not prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm; and
  • They are in a sound state of mine.

Residents of Honolulu can submit the required application information in an Application for a License to Carry an Open/Concealed Firearm. For other counties, the individual should contact their local law enforcement agency to determine the proper application procedures in their jurisdiction. In addition to the application, individuals must submit the following items:

  1. Two (2) passport photos;
  2. Government-issued ID;
  3. If born in another county, a US passport, US citizenship document, or US permanent resident card;
  4. Proof of completion of firearms training, hunting, or safety course as defined in § 134-2(g); and
  5. Payment for the $10 licensing fee.